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Date of birth of Ann Tapson Avery:

A) There is a record of her baptism in 1831. This gives a ‘latest date’ for her birth, but not of course an ‘earliest date’.

B) At marriage on 8th June 1851 her age is given as 'full', i.e. 21 or over:
Marriage certificate - larger

This implies birth on or before 8th June 1830.

C) Death on 1st January 1882 aged 51 years.  See AnnTCapper death.

This gives a range for her birth date from Jan. - Dec. 1830.

D) In the England and Wales Censuses from 2.4.1871 to and 3.4.1881, her age is given as 40 and 50 respectively.

This gives a range for her birthdate from 3.4.1830 to 2.4.1831.



Ann’s birth date was probably between 3rd April and 8th June 1830.