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Services Abroad

Page 12 of the Army Paybook

Services Abroad.

Turkey 4th April 56 to 16 June 56 (*)

India 31st Dec. 57 xx

xxxxxxxx Major


* The last digit of the year is not clear in the fold of the page, but as John Capper was stationed in Ireland by January 1957, the year must be “56”.

A) Service in Turkey 4.4. - 16.6.1856
This service was probably in connection with the aftermath of the Crimean War.

The period of service in Turkey totals 74 days.

B) Service in India from 31.12.1857
This was in connection with the Indian Mutiny. See separate note.

The period of foreign service on his discharge document was 12 years and 185 days. This part on the document was presumably filled in when the discharge was finalized on 24th May 1870. Subtracting the 74 days for Turkey, the period then of 12 years and 111 days takes us up to about 21st April 1870. This was presumably the date he arrived in the UK after the long journey by ship from India.