Sonnensegel - Detail
At the same time we bought 3 roof-poles and 2 telescopic poles with clamps for locking around vertical poles.
Sewing 3 strips of Isabella's "thing"  that is used on all their tents for mounting the FixOn "screw-free" roof-pole-foot.

See FixOn photo 1 - the groove on top is for locking on to this plastic strip "thing" while the hook on the roof-pole fits in the hole in the front of the FixOn. This plastic "thing" is actually a small version the rear edge of the tent; the strip that you put in the awning channel of your caravan.
With these 3 roof-poles on top of the vertical front poles we just needed to add to vertical poles between the 3 front poles - I hope the other attatched photo makes more sence than me trying to put words on this rather simple idea of mine ;o)
Having brought out the old sewing-machine I stitched up the blue "porch front" from a left-over piece of suitable fabric - oh - and please note the little "things" on the inside right of the "sonnensegel" - down by the ground. This is another Isabella thing, that I adapted. It is a plastic ring with tab (see photo 2) in which the IsaFlex (photo 3) fits. Thus sewn on approx 10 cm from the end of the "sonnensegel" I have an inside row of elastic bands to adjust the tension of the sidewalls with. On the edge of the "sonnensegel" we have rings for outside pegs.



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