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John Capper’s Army Paybook

This central document in finding out about the life of John Capper was lent to me by my cousin Tim Pratt, (1942 - 2006).

The complete contents of the paybook are shown in the following two files. The files are in XPS-format, so a corresponding program may be necessary to read them. (PDF-Files with the same content are almost 10 times as large.)


John Capper's Army Paybook - part 1 Part 1

John Capper's Army Paybook - part 2 Part 2

a) The document is bound in leather. John Capper’s name and number (1409) are written in ink on the binding.

b) When closed, the document is about 16cm long, as far as I remember.

c) The page numbering in the document is not always sequential. Parts were presumably glued in as necessary, e.g. another Savings Book section was added for savings in Rupees made during his service in India.

d) There is probably more to be found than I have discovered and noted in the other parts of this website. E.g. the whole subject of clothing and supplies.